GRATEFUL is an adjective describing a deep appreciation for kindness shown to oneself.gratefulGRATEFUL can be a powerful motivator.

Being GRATEFUL puts a smile on your face.

The word GRATITUDE is a noun meaning to feel grateful or thankful.

gratitudequote3Verbalizing GRATITUDE puts smiles on others’ faces.

Today I’m a grateful author who is thankful for readers of my blog posts and books.


Share what you’re grateful for today—in the comments below, on Twitter with these hashtags #grateful #gratitude, or join with the Thankful November Days posts on Facebook.


7 Comments on “GRATEFUL GRATITUDE – One Word Wednesday

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  6. As you know, I’m a big proponent of gratitude to the point I hope people aren’t sick of my talking about it. 🙂 Gratitude of one of the key components to my WritersButt program as well. Anyhoo — I’m one of those doing the Thankful November posts on Facebook but right now, I’m thankful for my writing circle of friends, which includes you. Absolutely none of my writing friends lives near me but I feel closer to them than I do to some people I see every day. They make this journey of being a writer not quite so lonely and vacant. I can’t image the journey without them. So thank YOU Judythe for being one of those people.

    P.s. LOVE the new header on our blog. Makes me want to bundle up and sit on the porch with you and my laptop for a big ol’ writing day. 🙂

    • Thanks for the gratitude. Living in the woods like I do, I count on my writer friends for support and help. I appreciate you, my friend.

      I love the gratitude part of WritersButt program…it’s the exercising that gets me! Thanks for stopping by!

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