A blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

Putting the chickens up at night has become a multi-step process. As we introduce new chicks into the main flock, I must herd them into the coop for the first few nights.

I watched three of the black laced silver Wyandottes get settled one night. They started on the ramp.  

Then one moved onto the roost.



As I watched, another one squeezed onto the roost.  There was much flapping and squawking but eventually all three piled onto the roost.





Some have decided to sleep in the old bantam coop which has no door. We figured at least they are sheltered from the weather and somewhat hidden from things that would eat them – possums mainly.Then there are the bantams in the color project runs.  Most of them just roost on top of their coops.  Except for these two who prefer to balance on the fence.So my nightly routine involves saying “goodnight chickens” to the big coop, old bantam coop, color runs and the chick pen.

It’s not rocking babies, but it is a routine.