AMAZ cover for WLRI’m skipping my regular Make Me Think Monday blog for some important book release news. The second book in the Fitzpatrick Family Series is now available.

The Fitzpatrick family came to life from an entry in a contest sponsored by The White Rose Press back in 2009. I didn’t win that contest. However, in the process of revising my entry, now titled When Love Blooms, for publication last year, the hero’s seven brothers and sisters kept chattering in my head wanting their stories told. Eight preacher kids, each with a sweet romance story of his or her own to share and more story ideas were born.

Read the full account of how my contest entry became a book series here.

When Love Returns tells of Becca Fitzpatrick’s journey to happily ever after. Here’s the back cover copy:

Becca Fitzpatrick fell in love with Ethan Wells at age five. At eight, he proposed. At seventeen, he disappeared and broke her heart. Twelve years later, he returns with a new name – Ethan LaMotte – and a new life in Paris. He claims he’s never stopped loving her.

Once upon a time, Becca believed him. Not anymore. Now family, friends, and adoring students fill her life. Plus, she has an opportunity for the job of her dreams in her small Texas hometown.

Although their lives and work are an ocean apart, Ethan won’t lose Becca another time. But, will she risk her heart again and accept this new Ethan’s proposal?

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I hope you have as much fun reading Becca and Ethan’s story as I did creating it.