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Among Rachel’s recent acquisition of chicks is a pair of d’Uccles. This breed has very long feathers on its feet.

For the longest time, I couldn’t understand what Rachel was saying and called the chicks “duseldorfers”.

Rachel, having lived with me all her life, would patiently repeat “d’Uccles, Mom, D’Uccles”

I finally looked them up and seeing the name in writing helped it stay in my head.  It also convinced me Rachel was not just making this all up.

She moved the d’Uccle chicks out of the chick pen in with the big girls.  Since there are two we figured they would keep each other company.  However, they have bird brains and one of them spent much of its time running up and down the chicken wire fence enclosing the chick pen.

The other night I discovered the poor chick with its head stuck in the chicken wire. I was afraid it was dead, but I got to it in time.  I carefully removed its head from the chicken wire and returned it to the big pen with the other d’Uccle.

This afternoon I found them both in the chick pen.  I have no idea how they got there but I’m leaving them alone.  They may have bird brains but they know where they want to be.