By dress, I mean what we wear generically. Not the specific ladies’ apparel.

Spring always reminds me of shopping for a special new church dress for Easter Sunday. I loved dressing up and wearing an Easter bonnet.

We don’t dress up for church so much in today’s culture. In my day, we dressed when we went out to church or anywhere.

I had two types of dresses in my wardrobe — a Sunday dress and a school dress, which were both removed as soon as I got home and hung in the closet before I got them dirty. I hated taking off the pretty dresses back then.

Last weekend I attended a writer’s conference and had to dress up. Okay it was business casual, but it still felt like Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes.

All grown up now, at the end of the day, I couldn’t wait to crash in my hotel room and get out of those fancy clothes.

You see, I don’t need to dress for my work. My daily wardrobe looks like this:


SOURCE for comic: Debbie Ridpath Ohi

YOUR TURN:  How do you dress for work?