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My best friend in high school had a job at the local bakery – The Little Cake Box.  We lived in a small town and the bakery served as a social gathering place.

They sold Black and White cookies, one of my favorites.  I would go by The Little Cake Box after school, buy a Black and White, and visit with Kathy.

After graduation, I moved away and eventually Kathy married the baker’s son.  I looked for Black and Whites in Texas but have never found them.  Kathy developed a malignant tumor in her leg and despite replacing her bone with titanium; she was unable to overcome the insatiable disease.

recipeThe year after Kathy died, Good Housekeeping magazine published the recipe for Black and Whites in their December issue.

It became part of our Christmas traditions to make Black and Whites.

This year we began a new tradition.  I had icing left over from frosting the sugar cookies so I used it on the Black and Whites.

colorfulMy only concern was in the name – could I still call them Black and Whites? The consensus on Miller Farm was “yes.”