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Rachel has decided to do what she calls a “color project” with her bantam chickens. She has built six separate runs and has put specific roosters with specific hens to try to get certain colors of birds.

This would make a great 4H or FFA project however, we have never participated in any farming organization. I believe Rachel would have excelled at it.chicken pensThe weather here has been unseasonably warm and Rachel was able to spend one afternoon building the runs. It took longer than she had anticipated but she is pleased with the results.

The chickens, on the other hand, are less than impressed. After chasing them around and gathering the predetermined groups, Rachel went inside to shower. The chickens then began escaping from their new homes.

One rooster flew up to the fence. fleeing rosterI guess he was checking out the other runs to see if he had the best accommodations.

The oldest bantams left their run altogether and have returned to their old coop. They even laid their eggs under it. Apparently some things are not meant to change.hens at old coop

The weather turned cold again so Rachel left well enough alone. This weekend, however, she and Beekeeper Brian will try to reinforce the runs and convince the chickens that change is good.

I’ll let you know how that goes.