A blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

I spent the week of Spring Break in Nicaragua. I went to work with Word of Life, Nicaragua.  We went into the mountains near Honduras and walked house to house telling people about Jesus.  It was quite an experience.

I was nervous about leaving my family (and my chickens.) As is true of all worrying, this was wasted energy.  Everywhere we went in Nicaragua there were chickens.  In fact, I started taking more pictures of chickens than of people.   I had to remind myself why I was there.

The chickens were a part of what I did, though.  I was able to talk to the people about their chickens and show them pictures of mine.  It gave me a connection the other team members didn’t have.  I imagine long after I’m gone, they will remember the Chicken Wrangler who came to tell them about Jesus.

This handsome couple was in a pottery shop in Managua.

Here’s a mother and her chicks in La Camaira.More chickens in La Camaira including a Frizzle rooster.