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The chicks that hatched at the end of July are doing great. We started feeding them fermented chicken feed right from the beginning based on Rachel’s research, and we have had no illnesses or deaths. This is great news.

We have had a different issue.

When I was changing the paper under the brooder one day, I noticed the plastic tub we put their food in was upside down and it was moving. I thought perhaps some of the paper was stuck to it, but it moved even when the paper didn’t.

Upon closer examination, I discovered a chick under the tub. He didn’t seem nearly as disturbed by the incident as I did.  Several times after that there were chicks under the tub.  Sometimes there were other chicks standing on top of the tub.

I’m not sure whether it was a variation on hide and seek or king of the feed tub. In any case, no chicken was harmed in the playing of this game.

Now the chickens have gotten big enough that most of them don’t fit under the tub.

chicken update

Of course, we do have a few bantams that are smaller so I still check whenever the tub is upside down.

I hope that some of them will be big enough to move out into the chicken yard soon. I think Rachel is coming home from college next weekend, and she can help with the process. I’ll keep you updated.