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It has been 8 years since we have had a puppy on Miller Farm and now we have two.

One major issue I had forgotten was the chewing. They chew on everything. Rachel has provided them with multiple acceptable chew toys, but Max and Penny seem to prefer non-chew toys. These include but are not limited to:

shoes –  especially when on feet

I devised a new dance – the “puppy shuffle” which involves moving my feet in such a way as to avoid stepping on a puppy or having them grab my shoe.

pup4I finally surrendered and gave them my socks. I figured it was better for them to chew on my socks when they were not on my feet.

It kept them occupied for quite a while. If only it would work until they outgrow the chewing – in about 6 months.


4 Comments on “Chew Toys

  1. I frequent the puppy store for a puppy/dog fill s I’ve longed for a dog for some time now. I, too, forgot about the chewing phenom. Reminded each visit, I enjoy returning home with my shoes, the hem of my pants and purse in tact.

  2. Enjoy! I once interviewed a retired veterinarian who said, “I don’t miss the 24/7 responsibilities of private practice, but I do miss that sweet puppy breath.”

    Anyone who has ever loved a puppy understood.

    • Ahh puppy breath! It is almost as good as having a puppy fall asleep on your lap with their nose buried in the crook of your arm. Like a sleeping baby that never grows up.

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