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The text message conversation on the left is between our daughter and me.

It is taking place during preparation for the annual Gilbert and Sullivan performance at my school.

At this time of year my “part time” job becomes “full time/over time.”  This is why I responded as I did.

That being said, Rachel brought home a fish.

His name is Jeffrey.  He is a beta fish and he is most likely a she. Because one is a lonely number, Rachel bought another fish.

This is Xibalba.  Being another beta fish, he lives in a separate tank.

Rachel is an animal science major and cares deeply for all things breathing.  Still concerned that her fish would be lonely,  she also bought them each their own water snail.

Jeffrey and Anteous the snail get along great.

Xibalba and Sombra, the other snail, do not.  In fact, Xibalba kept attacking Sombra and making him fall from the top of the tank. To protect Sombra, Rachel separated the two.

Bill is also an animal lover and Rachel offered to give Sombra to Bill as his pet snail.  Bill was thrilled and Sombra is much happier being with Bill.

On the way to school this week I noticed mosquito bites on Bill’s arm.  When I asked him about them he said there is a mosquito in his room.  He called it his pet mosquito.

I will accept the addition of fish and snails to Miller Farm but not mosquitoes!