Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

We contain our pack of dachshunds in the kitchen with a baby gate.

Every evening we take the gate down and allow the dogs to go into their kennels in the living room to sleep.  Occasionally the dogs will knock the gate down when we are not home and roam the house.

All except for Bella – she is terrified of the gate. She sits in the middle of the kitchen frozen in fear.

After years of stepping over the gate, we decided to invest in a walk-through gate. This would cut down on the number of falls for those of us who are less coordinated or who have weak ankles. (That would be Chicken Wrangler Sara.)gate

Beekeeper Brian ordered an easy step, metal walk-through safety gate.

Once it was installed, life became easier for everyone – except Bella.

The first night we opened the gate to let the dogs go into their kennels, Bella refused.

Rachel was prepared for her reaction.  She coaxed Bella over the gate with treats.rach

Bella has grown accustomed to the gate.  Only once in a while does she balk at going over it.

Bella is  a special dog. She fits right in on Miller Farm.