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Annabel, our foster dog, has found a forever home —-next door. The neighbors had planned to get a dog and their middle daughter fell in love with Annabel. I would frequently come home and find her at the gate talking to Annabel.

After several visits to see how Annabel would get along with the cat and the two younger children, the adoption was finalized. The children were all excited as was Annabel. Perhaps the children would be more cooperative than the chickens when they were “herded.” Bella was relieved. Annabel liked to lick and Bella was used to being the licker and not the lickee.

They renamed the dog Rosie to avoid confusion with their youngest daughter whose middle name is Arabella. The first few days were a little rough – for me. I kept wondering how she was doing. Our dachshunds were also confused. These are the neighbors with the privacy fence so the dogs could hear but not see each other.

bella fenceOur dogs spent time sniffing along the fence.

Rose/Annabel tried to get through.annabell

Anytime she got out, she came straight to our house. I took her straight back, explaining along the way that she had a new home.

It’s been about a month now and Rosie has adjusted nicely (and so have I). She goes to the kids’ soccer games and runs with the dad.

She came to see me yesterday for the first time in a couple of weeks. I walked her home glad to know she is loved. I’m pretty sure I could never foster children. I’ll stick to wrangling chickens and other random animals running down the street.