By Guest Blogger Chicken Wrangler Sara   

Annabel, our “foster “dog, has adjusted quite nicely to life on Miller Farm. She even adds another aspect of entertainment to life here.

bagelI recently gave her part of a dried out baguette to keep her occupied while I fed the chickens. She carried it around the yard for quite some time looking for a place to bury it.

She was somewhat successful.

As soon as I went into the house she went and dug it up. I guess she didn’t want to have to share with me.Anabelle w bagelHer other trick is to follow me into the chicken yard and “herd” the chickens. She chases them ‘round and ‘round the chicken coop but they refuse to get in a group.

I have explained to her that chickens are not herding animals. She is determined.

I’ve started closing the gate completely so she does not get into the chicken yard. This week she got her head stuck in between the gate and the fence. Like I said – she is determined. She is also smart. She hasn’t put her head in that spot again.

We currently have two potential homes for Annabel. Hopefully within a week she can move out. Of course the two homes are the ones on either side of ours so she won’t be moving far.