Sunday was a big night if you’re a movie fan.

I am and I’m not.

I love watching movies, but because I’m a writer, I tend to dissect the production, the story and the performances. That takes out some of the fun.

I’ve learned not to comment aloud after dodging popcorn, dirty looks and rather fluid sounds of shhh’s from those around me.

I love to watch the Oscars every year. It’s always a study in characterization.

For many years, I watched the Academy Awards with my dear little aunt. Sometimes stretched out together on her den floor or sometimes with long phone conversations afterward to discuss what had happened and who wore the best gown or which acceptance speech we thought was the best.

Aunt Bick was the consummate movie fan. Going to the movies was her most favorite thing to do. Unless you count watching the classic movie channel.

And, you always wanted her on your team in Trivia Pursuit. Her brain was an encyclopedia of movie trivia.

I think she got the movie-loving gene from her mother, my maternal grandmother.

When I was young, we’d catch the bus from Oma’s house to the Paramount Theater in Austin, Texas. I remember we’d sneak inside with a Scarborough’s shopping bag full of pimento cheese sandwiches and Fritos. Oma was frugal. :)

bj and oma1Watching the Academy Awards on Sunday I was reminded of these two lovely ladies.

Especially my aunt.

Whenever I came to town, Aunt Bick and I would head to one of the multi-screen picture show theaters. We’d grab a big bag of popcorn loaded with movie theater butter, and her favorite Dr. Pepper drink and watch as many of the year’s nominees movies as we could.

We never missed an Academy Awards television production.

So I was there watching last Sunday when Ellen DeGeneres ordered pizza.

I heard John Travolta slip up on Idina Menzel’s name and sympathized because I’ve slipped up on pronunciations more than once myself. Interestingly, his slip-up raised her profile  more than if he’d pronounced her name correctly.

I loved that Lupita Nyong’o won an Oscar on her very first nomination. What an inspiration her acceptance speech was.

Matthew McConaughey’s tribute to his father in his acceptance speech brought a tear to my eye.

I pictured my Aunt Bick stretched out on a cloud staring down at the action.

What about you? Are you a movie fan? Did you have a favorite Oscar moment this year?