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Frizzles are some of my favorite chickens. We had a black one – Frizz – who had the greatest attitude. Now we have Frizz 2 – one of her children. And then there’s Richard, the spastic frizzle rooster. He gets most upset if you try to move him.
My current favorite is a partridge frizzle Rachel has named Watson. She was given this name because she is paired with a very curious red rooster named Sherlock.

Watson is a product of Rachel’s color project and she is wonderful -most of the time.

She and Sherlock like to roost on the chain link fence at night. We have to put them into their coop to keep them safe.

She has inherited the slightly spastic personality of Richard but once you hold her close, she calms down. She did get stuck once between the chain link fence and the chicken wire. It was a little tense because Rosie, the dog next door, was also between the fences.

I had to be careful as I extracted Watson so as not to strip her feathers. Fortunately, Rosie was not interested in Watson and all ended well.

I had hoped she would have learned to stay in her own area. But alas each night we get to snuggle her as we put her and Watson into their coop.