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Our turkeys are growing quite nicely. We have a tom and a hen. The tom is a wanderer who can escape the turkey pen.

One night I went out to close up the chickens and the tom was not in the pen.

tomA quick search revealed he had gone into the cage that we use for roosters.  We call it “death row.”  Apparently, this turkey is ready for Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately, he is not quite big enough.

The next night he was missing again.  He was not nested in death row.

I looked up in all the trees thinking of the song “Five fat turkeys are we. We slept all night in a tree.”  No turkey.

As I closed up the chicken coop, I discovered wandering tom in with a hen.tom-with-hen

The turkey thought he was a chicken.

The next night he was not in the nest boxes, or in death row.  Instead, he was on the perch in the coop.

tom-2I’ve decided to let him sleep with the chickens.

Now my morning list of chores includes: Move turkey back to the turkey pen.