OVER THE RIVER through the woods– One Word Wednesday

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Thanksgiving brings to mind a very old song first written as poem titled “A Boy’s Thanksgiving Day.”


The author Lydia Maria Francis Child (1802-1880) was a teacher, a writer, abolitionist, women’s rights activist, opponent of American expansionism, Indian rights activist, novelist, and journalist. A busy woman for her day. She’s best known for her Thanksgiving poem written in 1844.

The poem celebrates her childhood memories of going to her grandparents’ home. You might recognize the first verse from “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.” The Peanuts gang sings the first verse.

Modern Thanksgivings aren’t normally associated with snow, but in the early 19th century, New England experienced colder winters during a Little Ice Age.

Sorta like travelers today will be braving tomorrow.

I offer the poem, set to music, for you to sing as you travel.