Not Quite Empty Nest

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Rachel recently moved to Huntsville to be closer to graduate school. After she left I discovered she had left some things – like the incubator.  That made sense because her research was dealing with horses and they don’t need an incubator.  I figured we would pass it on to another young chicken lover.

Well that is not exactly what happened.  Beekeeper Brian filled the incubator with chicken and duck eggs.  I was a little frustrated at first.  I thought we were done hatching birds. 

Then the first baby duck hatched.

It was so cute and I remembered how much I like baby birds.

Rachel was in town for a doctor appointment and stopped by.  She thought the baby duck was lonely so she put a stuffed animal in with it.

It seemed much happier.

Another one hatched today so now there are two.  Eventually we will also have chicks.

So much for an empty nest!