New Neighbors

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The chicks quickly outgrew the brooder. I didn’t fully understand the ramifications of this until they started dying.

Rachel took one look at them when she was visiting us and said, “they are too crowded.”  The question became where to put them.

The chicks that were obviously roosters went into the rooster pen.

Rachel suggested putting the hens in with the ducks since that part of the pen was secured against escape. And there is a small coop in there to lock the chicks up at night.  I was concerned that the ducks would bother the chicks.  Rachel assured me the ducks would be afraid of the chicks.

Sure enough, Rachel was

The chicks stayed in their corner… And the ducks stayed in theirs.

So far everyone is getting along.  The coop has been repaired so when they start bothering each other, we can move the chicks out into the big yard and safely lock them up at night.

Another successful move on Miller Farm.