Ah, Summer!

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Some people believe that teachers chose their profession so they would have summers off. That may be true for some but I really enjoy my job all year long. During the school year, I can play, sing, and dance five days a week. During the summer, I spend the time differently.

I bake. (The pound cake was great. The angel food cake needs a little more practice.)

I work jigsaw puzzles:

But most importantly – I take naps.

I went by my school recently to drop off some keyboards I have acquired. I’m hoping to teach class piano at some point.

Anyway, I talked to the secretary who told me they are moving some people around. I will actually get my own room which is very exciting!  I won’t have to set up every morning and move everything back into my office when classes are over.

The only problem is I have to move all the things out of my office into my new room.I’m thinking I will need to take more naps before that happens!