New Bantams

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After a decline in our bantam population, Rachel decided to buy some replacement chicks. She chose frizzles, partridge silkies, and birchen cochins. It was all the same to me until they started getting their adult feathers. Now I understand Rachel’s fascination with these particular breeds.

They are adorable! I also understand more about their names. Partridge and Birchen refer to the coloring. Cochin means they have feathered feet and frizzles have feathers that stick out everywhere.

We already have Frizz and Frizz 2, the black frizzles. Now we have blonde frizzles:bantams 1I just hope they have the same sassy personality as Frizz.

Then we have the Partridge Silkies who look like they have fur rather than feathers:bantams2They also have the Dr. Seuss tuft on top of their heads.

Then we have the Birchen Cochin bantams:bantams3
They are all in the long cage on saw horses for now. We want to make sure all the critters living under the shed are gone. Then we will put the chicks in the bantam side of the coop.

Eventually Rachel wants to build breeding runs and breed the silky to the frizzle to get sizzles. I’ll make sure to post those pictures.