Today’s the day to clean your virtual desktop. Are you?

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Personal Computer Museum has designated the third Monday in October as the day to…


According to Forrester Research, there are one BILLION computers in use in the world today.

If every one of those computers has an average of 10 unused icons on their desktop, that represents a staggering 169 acres of wasted virtual space!

As you can see, unused icons on my desktop hide half my grandchildren.

desktopI guessing your desktop probably looks a lot like mine.

Or worse.

Unused icons not only clutter, they can show down your computer.

Whether you placed the icons on the desktop for quick access to files or the icons came through program installations, the clutter can be counterproductive. You lose time searching for the icon you want.

So how do we clean our virtual desktop, reclaim the wasted space, and banish the unused icons?

Tina Sieber offers 7 Simple Steps To An Awesome Minimalist Desktop

There’s also a Facebook event you can join. You’ll find lots of advice.

YOUR TURN: Join me today and let’s clean our desktops.