Life and Mystery @ the Miller Farm

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There is a mystery on Miller Farm. 

When I went to let the chickens out, there were two dead quail. One was in the cage – which is not completely unusual. However, there was one on the ground near the chicken feeder, which was the mystery.

How did it get out of the quail cage? Why did it die? 

I’m pretty sure both quail were dead before I opened the cage so it was not the shock of seeing  me in my daughter’s sock monkey footed pajamas (it was pajama day at the school where I teach) .

I guess what happens in the quail cage stays in the quail cage, and the mystery will remain a mysery.

There is justice on the Miller farm. 

Three of the roosters have gotten big enough to go to freezer camp so they were put on death row (in a separate cage). The hens who were tormented by these roosters perched atop the cage with what would be the equivalent of a smug look on their faces. I consider that poetic justice.

There is also new life on Miller farm. 

We have baby chicks and quail in the garage. They were due to hatch on December 21st, but one quail made his appearance on December 19. We call him the very loud overachiever. The others appeared on schedule. 

Now there is much noise in the garage, which drives the dachshunds crazy. 

There is randomness on Miller Farm.

 My daughter received a text last week asking if should would be able to hatch goose eggs. Being an adventurous Miller she said “sure.” So we are awaiting the arrival of a special thermometer and will then set the goose eggs.

I must confess I am a little nervous. The size of eggs being hatched at the Miller Farm is becoming increasingly larger.

quail, bantam, chicken, goose

Eggs left to right: quail, bantam, chicken, goose

I’m not sure I want to know what will be next – ostrich eggs?

The Miller Farm is always bustling with life. I’m not at all surprised Rachel agreed to hatch goose eggs. She loves all animals. She’s going to be a caring nurse one day. I can’t wait read the email when the geese start cracking their shells. Should be an interesting email. I’m betting the geese give the daschshunds a run for their money!

After reading CW Sara’s email and looking at the picture of the eggs she included, I thought about how a story idea begins a little kernel—an overheard conversation, a picture, a senior citizen or child’s face, a building—so many little things can trigger What if for the creative mind.

That tiny what if then progresses through research, writing, editing, and finally becomes a full-blown, hold-in-your-hand book.That’s a life cycle too.

The life cycle of a novel. And writers never know what size the next kernel will be.

YOUR TURN: How are things in your world? Any mystery or poetic justice? Any surprises? Any idea kernels to share?