Sticky Note Wars

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I’ve always known musicians are a unique bunch. The longer I teach piano, the more I realize how early the uniqueness begins.

This fall I started a new student who is also chicken fan. In fact he has a shirt that says “Chicken Whisperer.”  I am only a little bit jealous.  He is not, however, a fan of cats.  One day he put a sticky note on the piano stating “cats are evil.”

Well I have a group of girls who are very much fans of cats.  In fact I have bought cat stickers specifically for them to use.  (Rachel found chicken stickers for my chicken friend.)  So these girls were quite incensed to find this sticky note.

Thus began “The Great Sticky Note War.”

One student even added cat stickers to drive home her point. Another student doesn’t have a cat/chicken preference, she just likes music.  Yet another one doesn’t quite understand what all the fuss is about.

Eventually the notes overtook my piano, becoming a distraction.

I moved them all to a poster board on the door. There is not quite as much action but I think of my unique young musicians every time I close the door.