Feeling Old

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A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

My parents bought me the coolest sweater when I was in high school. It has music symbols on it and in all my travels as a music teacher I have never seen another one like it.sweater

I wear it as my main coat every winter since in Texas it is never really cold. I don’t think much about it unless someone mentions it.

For instance, the checker at Walmart last week said, “I like your sweater.”

I told her thank you and mentioned that I’ve had it a long time.

She then said, “I really like vintage clothing.” I wasn’t sure whether to be offended. Then she went on to say, “I love going into my grandmother’s closet. It is like a thrift store.”

I had no response.

This morning one of my first grade students walked up to me and said, “Why is your hair white right there?” and pointed to my streak of gray hair.

I told her I had earned those white hairs by growing older. It must have sounded appealing because she then turned around and said, “I have white hair back here.”

I love children. They keep me young – or make me feel old as the case may be.