Mother’s Day 2021

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On Mother’s Day 2005 I made of list of things I had learned from my mother and gave it to her.


What I Have Learned from My Mother

  1. Be flexible (moving 18+ times). Any place can be home as long as family is there.
  2. Never give up on your dreams. (she graduated from college when I was in high school)
  3. Put things back where you found them (I have really learned the value of this-now if my kids would listen).
  4. Never be afraid to speak your mind (need I say more?).
  5. Make use of what you have (canning and freezing).
  6. Follow your husband where ever he goes (especially if it is to Ireland =))
  7. Stop and help when you can (as in dogs that have been hit by cars).
  8. Animals are people too (this must have been genetically passed on to my Rachel).
  9. Finding a church home is top priority when you get to a new home.
  10. You never stop being a mom (having your grown daughter move back in with her three children and husband for 6 weeks).

For Mother’s Day 2021, I would like to add to that list:

  1. Be hospitable (even when it means having company all summer long at your lovely home in Colorado).
  2. Sometimes the best view is seeing your family come through the door on a regular basis (moving back to Texas from Colorado).
  3. The best way to handle a difficult situation may be to huddle up under a blanket and wait it out (ice storm 2021).
  4. Being a grandmother is the best thing in the world (welcome to my Alexander!).
  5. A mother’s love just gets deeper and deeper. So does a daughter’s.

Happy Mother’s Day!