Non-morning Crew

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It is a well known fact that people can be divided into two groups:  morning people and non-morning people.  There are some of each in my family.

I happen to be the morning person which is why I go to the pool at 5:30 am.  Rachel is not a morning person which is why she has a coffee maker next to her bed.

Bill, the Chinese student living with us, is also a non-morning person.  He is a senior in high school this year and I recently asked him what he plans to do in college when I am not there to make sure he gets up.  He said he would schedule all afternoon classes.  I told him it doesn’t work that way.

The dogs also fall into these groups.  Most of ours wake up ready to take on the world.  Coco, however, comes out of her kennel just long enough to grump at everyone then goes back inside.  Eventually she joins the rest of the pack.

I recently discovered that, contrary to what people think, not all chickens are happy with morning either.

Lily, the D’Uccle (or duseldorfer as I call her) has not been out with the chickens when I feed them in the mornings. I panicked at first because she is littler and could easily be carried off by the dreaded hawk.

I found her, though, in the nest box.  She has joined the non-morning crew. At least she doesn’t have anywhere to go in the mornings.