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3 05, 2019

The Early Duck…

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Now that the ducks are in their new space, we have settled into a new routine on Miller Farm.

Each morning I feed the chickens their fermented chicken feed and give the ducks cat food.  I haven’t found a specific duck feed and the cat food has the calcium they need so it is all good.

I also retrieve the egg that Lucy lays.  In the afternoon I throw some feed to the chickens and ducks and gather chicken eggs.

On Fridays I empty the “duck pond” i.e. wading pool, and refill it with clean water.  Last week when I turned it over to empty it, there were many worms underneath.

Lucy thought it was a feast.

Ricky was a little slow so he missed out.

I guess it is true – the early bird gets the worm – even if the bird is a duck.

1 02, 2019

A Dog and His Raccoon

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A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

Tucker (first of our six dachshunds) loves toys, especially if they squeak. He has been known to pull the squeaker out of a toy in 5 minutes flat.

Rachel made it her mission to find a squeaky toy that can outlast Tucker.  It looks like she has succeeded:  Meet Raccoon-

Raccoon actually has two squeakers – one in the middle and one in the tail.  Both are still working which can get annoying first thing in the morning.

Raccoon regularly goes outside with Tucker.  He likes for someone to throw the toy but it doesn’t really go far.

Sometimes he leaves Raccoon outside and it rains and Raccoon has to get a bath. Tucker is quite distressed to be without Raccoon, so Rachel has several back-up squeaky toys that help distract him.

Tucker is always happy to see Raccoon again. He really didn’t understand why it had to be clean.

Now when he comes in without Raccoon we tell him “Go get your toy” and he goes back out to find it.

After all, a dog needs to have his raccoon with him at all times.