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3 07, 2023

A Couple of my Favorite 4th of July Things

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My first favorite thing is this family photo.

My very talented photographer daughter snapped the shot years ago when her two boys were young. You may have seen the image on a highway billboard or in an airport or a store ad.

Her boys running freely on the park path reminds me of the many freedoms we have in this country that are not granted in so many other places in the world.

Second, this very old Chevy commercial with its catchy tune. I don’t drive a Chevy, but I do love this song and think about the great country we live in every time I hear it.

Now flag Old Glory this 4th and hum the Chevy song while grilling a nice, juicy burger to celebrate America’s 247th birthday.

4 07, 2016

Celebrating Independence

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I hope everyone is busy enjoying a celebration of our nation’s birthday.

Technically, independence was declared on July 2 and the Declaration of Independence wasn’t signed until July 19.

But who cares? Today is the day we traditionally celebrate our freedom.

What a country – baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet.

Now that I have that peppy jingle embedded in your head enjoy your day whatever way you celebrate. At the same time, let’s keep Ronald Reagan’s words in mind.

Ronald Reagan Quote-4thHappy 4th to all!

And an extra special thank you to all the brave men and women who help maintain our freedom everyday.

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