19 03, 2021

Dirty Eggs

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A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

I recently sold some eggs, both duck and chicken, to a teacher at my school.  Her teenage son found them and was disturbed by their appearance.  In fact he told her they scared him.

She explained that they were from a friend’s farm and assured him they are fine even if they are different colors.  He was not convinced and chose to eat oatmeal.

One thing that bothered him was the dirt on the eggs.  He asked her if I rolled them in the mud before putting them in the carton.

This is how I find the duck eggs:

There is no need for me to roll them in the mud – the ducks take care of that for me.

I sometimes forget that not everyone has chickens and ducks in their backyard.  As far as they know, eggs grow in cartons in the refrigerated aisle at the grocery store.

29 01, 2021

Request Applies to Chickens

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A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

Dear Chickens,

I recently sent a letter to the ducks asking them to kindly lay their eggs in a spot where I could easily gather them.  https://judythewriter.com/letter-to-ducks/

This same request applies to you.

I understand that the area between the fences is a nice, safe area however retrieving the eggs is difficult.  I do have my multi-purpose net so I can reach between the fences but when the egg is near a thorny vine, the net gets stuck.

There are enough challenges in my life without egg gathering being one of them.


Chicken Wrangler Sara (the one who feeds you, gets you water, and rescues you from all manner of dogs.)

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