Silly Chicken – Miller Farm Friday

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Saturday morning I went to let the chickens out and discovered this:

hen in with chicks

A giant quail or a silly chicken in with the chicks.  Upon examination, I determined it was the latter.

The day before I noticed the cage door in the roof was open, but since this is the cage that requires a step up to reach, I’d left it open.   Oops.

A group of hens roost on top of this cage at night and apparently, this hen had fallen in.

I was headed to help with a garage sale at my school and so I didn’t have time to figure out how to get the chicken out. I left her there hoping she would not die of a heart attack.

She didn’t.

In fact, when I returned, she had managed to get out on her own.

I discovered that by using a stick, I could close the door without getting a cinder block to use as a step. Since then everyone has been where they are supposed to be.

I’m hoping that continues to be the case.


2 Comments on “Silly Chicken – Miller Farm Friday

  1. How true, how true. It’s a good thing to remember as we send another child off to college next month.

  2. That’s a good life lesson. What you worry about usually doesn’t happen. Many problems take care of themselves. This is particularly true with children and chickens.

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