Opening Doors or Gates

I love this quote by Emerson. Though the picture shows a gate on an Irish path I once walked, the application is the same as though that gate were a door.

Emerson’s words can have different meanings. Simply put, when we open a door, we do two things:

  1. Invite something to happen
  2. Give someone opportunities

I didn’t have to open the gate in the picture, but I did choose to walk through and siege the opportunity. On the other side, I found a farmer with his dog, and we had a lovely conversation.

When you encounter a door or a gate will you do what Emerson suggests and be an opener?


One Comment on “Opening Doors or Gates

  1. I, too, love Emerson. Although I didn’t recognize this quote, I cherish the acquaintance of any one who agrees. At times, I want nothing more than to walk through that gate. Responsibilities and obligations I cannot ignore hold me back. Still, I do love the opportunity to acknowledge that the gate is there, waiting for me when I can walk through it.

    Thank you so very much for this lovely insight.

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