One Word Wednesday – Storms

storm quote from Edie


They  come in all shapes and sizes.

They’re not just about the weather.

Relationships can bring on storms.

Storms can also be about the times of stress and strain in our worlds.

Good storms like building an addition to our homes or moving to a new place.

Scary storms like a wildfire near your home.

Edie Melson shared this great graphic recently on her blog. I think St. Francis de Sales sums up the best way to address any storm, any time, any kind.

What do you consider non-weather storms in your world?

Do you have any secrets to share about weathering all kinds of storms?


3 Comments on “One Word Wednesday – Storms

  1. I wish I were wise enough to give advice on how to weather storms. There is just this. Life is not a “Peaceable Kingdom.” It doesn’t mean you can’t live through life’s storms. Trust in your own strength. Trust your friends. They will be there for you. Most of all, trust in God’s love. Maybe that last is all you have at the moment. It’s all you need.

    • Sickness does disrupt like a thunderstorm and create chaos. Thanks for stopping by the porch and commenting. Come again.

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