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Sling Words Easy Last Minute Christmas gifts (12/2016)

Capturing the Idea devotionals – Another visit with Judythe Morgan, award-winning author (02/17/2017)

Capturing the Idea devotionals – Award-Winning Author Judythe Morgan shares a devotional and book (02/16/2017)

Preslaysa Williams – Five Questions with novelist Judythe Morgan (02/05/2017)

Go For a Walk – Americ Christian Fiction Writers (02/07/2015)

Thursday3Some: Claiming Annie’s Heart by Judythe Morgan – Joan Reeves aka Sling Words (02/05/2015)

SlingWords Honor Roll – Joan Reeves aka Sling Words (12/31/2014)

Judythe Looks Ahead: Christmas Yet To Come – Joan Reeves aka Sling Words (12/30/2014)

Holiday Cheer with Judythe Morgan – Anna Kathryn Lanier (12/31/2013)

Interview With Judythe Morgan, Author of Love in the Morning Calm – Babette James (10/15/2013)

Life Tales of a Military Wife with author Judythe Morgan – The Book Boost (08/07/2013)

What’s Your Author Brand? – Savvy Authors (06/2013)

The Pendant’s Promise from Judythe Morgan – Stella Riley, Houston Books Examiner (02/20/2013)

The Pendant’s Promise – Gimme a Little Kiss (10/13/2012)

An Interview with Judythe Morgan – Cindy Woolf (10/13/2012)

Interview: Judythe Morgan – Wonderstruck (09/05/2012)

Metaphor Monday with Judy – Catherine Johnson (08/27/2012)

The Pendant’s Promise by Judythe Morgan – Joan Reeves aka Sling Words (08/04/2012)

Story Idea By Judythe Morgan – Joan Reeves aka Sling Words (08/01/2012)

Judythe Morgan Writes From Her Heart – (02/04/2010)

Charming Judythe Morgan – (06/29/2009)

Sample her favorite recipes from any of guest spots on cooking blogs:

Oma’s Pralines – Romance Cooks

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Picnic Baked Beans – Romance Cooks

Chocolate Sheet Cake – Romance Recipes

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