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Beekeeper Brian recently travelled to Southeast Asia with a team of people to help with a cultural exchange camp. The team taught art classes as well as the American sports of football, basketball, and baseball. They were treated to performances by a Minority Group from a nearby village.  They also experienced the culture through food.

On the last day, they went shopping and Brian found the perfect gifts for me.The rooster sits on my piano next to my rooster clock.  The chopsticks are at my place at the table.  I try to use them but it is a very slow process.  I’ve decided they make a good diet tool.

I would be worried that Beekeeper Brian was trying to tell me something but the chopsticks have chickens on them so I know that is why he got them.  After all I am the Chicken Wrangler – just not so good with chopsticks.Catherine, our oldest daughter, recently told me I should watch the movie Moana.  She said there is a chicken in there who reminds her of me.

I suppose there are worse things with which to be associated.


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  1. While I am reminded watching the news how different we all are, just a little thing like this reminds me of how alike we can be. Like you, women in SE Asia put their chickens to bed at night. Some probably don’t want to go inside where they are safe, but hide under the coop and some fly to the trees. Before she goes to bed she must coax them inside. This is done in different time zones and different languages, but with the same determination. You don’t have to eat with chopsticks to have the same goals.
    After you get your belligerent hens to bed tonight, maybe say a little prayer that a woman across the world gets her brood tucked in too.

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