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44 Words That Can Weasel into Writing

Writing’s hard work. Ask any writer. Good writing is harder. Sometimes weasel words can slip in. Weasel words are “favorite” words that pop up when a writer is being lazy or rushing. I first heard the term in… Read More

Procrastination Can Kill Writing Success

Procrastination means putting off an essential task. Admit it you procrastinate. All writers do. Procrastination is a clever enemy often disguised as worthy endeavors such as a writer’s meeting, a writing conference, a computer game to “clear the… Read More

Fiction Interrupters – Is your writing interrupting your reader?

Our story worlds become tangible to us as writers. A video plays in our head as we write. We see the setting; we feel the emotions. Our characters become genuine people moving in an authentic world we’ve created…. Read More

How’s your writing schedule compare to Henry Miller’s?

In 1932-1933, while working on what would become his first published novel, Miller devised and adhered to a stringent daily routine to propel his writing. While working on his first published novel, Tropic of Cancer, Henry Miller devised… Read More

11 Commandments for Writers

Writers are always seeking tips on how to be more productive. I’m no exception. A recent web search turned up this interesting list of commandments from Henry Miller (December 26, 1891–June 7, 1980). By the way, not only… Read More

Pencils and Writers

So… If you’re a writer,  grab and pencil and get to work. Even if you’re not, find a pencil and write a journey entry or short note to someone you love.

Adding and Subtracting for Creativity

Creativity is a way of thinking, a way of viewing the world, and we all have slightly different ways we create. Austin Kleon in his book How to Steal Like an Artist suggests: “Creativity isn’t just the things… Read More