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Procrastination Can Kill Writing Success

Procrastination means putting off an essential task. Admit it you procrastinate. All writers do. Procrastination is a clever enemy often disguised as worthy endeavors such as a writer’s meeting, a writing conference, a computer game to “clear the… Read More

4 Triggers to Jumpstart your Writing Time

Another November has rolled around, which means… Daylight saving time started unless you live in Arizona, Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Did you remember to set your clocks back? We did. Unfortunately, my… Read More

One Word Wednesday – Writer

Love this poster that describes a WRITER so perfectly… This fabulous word art by Kathy R. Jeffords is available here.

One Word Wednesday – SIT

I have a Matese name Buster and this is so him. He loves to sit, especially on my lap. Sitting is good if you’re a Buster, but for a writer doing this is better. Because, if all you do is… Read More

The book’s finished so why am I sad?

I finished Love in the Morning Calm, the prequel to The Pendant’s Promise and turned the manuscript over to the editor.  Now I’m sad. I know I should be happy. IT’S FINISHED. There is a sense of relief and… Read More

After Friday’s darkness Monday’s Motivation

How do we find motivation after Friday’s act of darkness? I don’t know about you, but I’m having a hard time. Bob Mayer’s FB status on Friday suggested: “Just mourn. No politics, agendas, rants. Losing a child is an… Read More

Monday Motivations: Creative juices dried up? 29 Ways to refresh

Hit a roadblock in your story? Creative juices won’t flow? View this short two minute video for ways to get back in the groove. I liked #25 and #29. #18 is great, especially with Thanksgiving looming on the… Read More