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A Writer’s Dilemma – Drama and Suffering

We all dislike negative, unhappy things aka drama. Who wants to suffer and be unhappy? I sure don’t. But – reality is drama, though unwelcomed most of the time, is what life is all about. Happy drama is… Read More

Who’s Telling Your Story?

A Guest Blog Today I’d like to introduce a writer friend, who also happens to be a fabulous teacher and excellent editor—Alicia Rasley. She’s going to offer advice on how writers can decide which character’s POV to use…. Read More

44 Words That Can Weasel into Writing

Writing’s hard work. Ask any writer. Good writing is harder. Sometimes weasel words can slip in. Weasel words are “favorite” words that pop up when a writer is being lazy or rushing. I first heard the term in… Read More

Are these five POGO traits sabotaging your writing?

A writing career has no policy and procedure manual, no checklist for success. Each day brings uncharted water. The path to success can be an emotional roller coaster ride. Up one day. Downhill fast the next. More than any… Read More

Fiction Interrupters – Is your writing interrupting your reader?

Our story worlds become tangible to us as writers. A video plays in our head as we write. We see the setting; we feel the emotions. Our characters become genuine people moving in an authentic world we’ve created…. Read More

21 Grammar Rules and Writing Mistakes

Grammarcheck.net recently posted this infographic of 21 frequently ignored (or unknown) grammar rules and writing mistakes that everyone who writes should know. How many do you know? How many do you ignore? I’m with them on all but… Read More

Enduring to THE END

I wrote writers’ two favorite words last week—THE END. FINALLY! Book 2 of the Fitzpatrick Family sweet romance series is now with my copy editor.The book is a novella.It should have been a fast write. Novellas generally run… Read More