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What are your chances of success?

Looking at this graphic you can clearly see what a world of difference attitude and action can make in success. The I wish I could  circle gives you only a 30% opportunity for succeeding while the I am circle gives you a 90%… Read More

Pushing Limits – Can You Keep Up?

This Honda ad is a speed reading test with great motivational words. Give it a try and listen to the words. Warning the words do go FAST! No, I won’t get a kick back from Honda if you… Read More

Pencils and Writers

So… If you’re a writer,  grab and pencil and get to work. Even if you’re not, find a pencil and write a journey entry or short note to someone you love.

Could there be a secret writer within you?

The Urban Dictionary defines a closet writer as anyone who is involved in any of the arts (e.g. music, writing, drawing, photography, etc.) but will not admit it. Either that or he/she literally hides it somewhere and only… Read More

BETWEEN – The space linking THE END and what now

I’m BETWEEN right now like the bird in the graphic. You know, that space separating two points, objects, etc. My new book released this month, which gave me a great sense of accomplishment and relief. I met a… Read More

Disconnect between wants and actions

As a writer, I have goals: x-number of words, pages, chapters per day, a book published by a specific date then… Life erupts. Circumstances change. Accidents happen. What I want to do and what I do become a… Read More

4 Ways to Keep Your Productive Faucet Flowing

February is almost over. We’re moving at warp speed through 2015. So how are you doing on those plans and resolutions from New Year’s Day? If you’re like me, that faucet of enthusiasm has slowed to a trickle… Read More