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Rough Week on Miller Farm

A blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara Last Thursday in the middle of the day I made a grisly discovery—a half-eaten chicken in the chicken yard. I quickly scanned the flock to see who was missing.  All the named… Read More

UCR Mystery – Miller Farm Friday

A blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara For the past week and a half, each morning, I have experienced a UCR – unidentified crowing rooster. Now you may wonder how I could tell this was an “unidentified” crowing rooster… Read More

Chicken chest bump challenges – Miller Farm Friday

Okay, I know today is Saturday, but I didn’t remember yesterday was Friday! I know CW Sara has loyal Miller Farm Friday readers and that’s why I’m posting her  email blog. I do apologize and promise to pay more attention to the calendar… Read More

Bedlam in the Chicken Yard-Miller Farm Friday

I looked out the kitchen window last evening and saw a rooster about 5 feet off the ground on top of the quail cage in the middle of the chicken yard. This would not be a problem if… Read More

Fowl Moving Day

Monday’s Labor Day holiday signaled the end of summer. For a large percentage of the population this week also signaled the start of school which in turn meant moving kids out of the house and back to classrooms…. Read More