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Motivation – One Word Wednesday

This cartoon titled Some Artist Dos and Don’ts made me stop and think about why I write.  What’s the driving force for what you do?

4 Ways to Keep Your Productive Faucet Flowing

February is almost over. We’re moving at warp speed through 2015. So how are you doing on those plans and resolutions from New Year’s Day? If you’re like me, that faucet of enthusiasm has slowed to a trickle… Read More

PERFECTIONISM – One Word Wednesday

I seem to be stuck on words that begin with the letter P this month. Not on purpose. Oops another P word. There’s a reason PERFECTIONISM is today’s word. As I rewrote the beginning sentence of my WIP (work… Read More

Procrastination – One Word Wednesday

Procrastination is the act or habit of putting off or delaying something. A clever enemy of everyone, not just writers. I’m not sure whether procrastination is a deliberate act or subconscious, but, according to Wayne Dyer, “Procrastination is one of the… Read More

Solitude – One Word Wednesday

Most of us have been held captive by winter’s hold for so long now. Too long. We’ve been isolated. Stuck inside. Alone. Consider Lord Byron’s take on solitude. Thanks to Edie Melson of The Write Conversation for sharing her… Read More

Don’t look down!

Welcome with me our first guest blogger for Company’s Coming Thursday. Her thoughts on life resonate with me. I’m thinking they will with you too. Don’t look down! by Jody Payne Don’t look down. But it’s okay if… Read More

One Word Wednesday – RUSH

Good word RUSH. Lately, I have not been rushing. Taking a two week trip through England, Scotland, and Ireland has a way of slowing your pace. I like the idea of not rushing, of accomplishing things on my to-do list… Read More