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A Charmed Life, Are You Sure?

 A Guest Blog by Jody Payne Do you watch Hollywood stars pose in gorgeous gowns covered in sparkling sequels and believe they live charmed lives? They just stand there looking beautiful and actually get paid for it. Big… Read More

Mother by Mother. Battle by Battle.

A Guest Blog by Jody Payne June. Time to shop for a swimsuit. Sob! But that’s another blog for another day. Don’t ask. I can’t discuss it. Not until I lose about a thousand pounds. Anyway, a friend… Read More


A guest blog by Jody Payne Sh-h-h, please don’t let on about this. I was never a big fan of football before moving to Texas. And I admit I still don’t completely understand the game itself. Okay, that… Read More

The Truth about Southern Snakes

 by Guest Blog Contributor Jody Payne The truth is: Snakes down here are very dangerous. One nearly drowned my cousin, twice removed. It’s true. I swanee. This cousin, twice removed, was out fishing on the bayou one evening… Read More

Olympians desire to change the world?

A guest blog by  Jody Payne Tonight I crept out of my writer’s cave to hear an interview with an obvious non-athlete at the Olympian Games. He talked of the athlete’s desire to change the world. Excuse me?… Read More

Don’t look down!

Welcome with me our first guest blogger for Company’s Coming Thursday. Her thoughts on life resonate with me. I’m thinking they will with you too. Don’t look down! by Jody Payne Don’t look down. But it’s okay if… Read More

Company’s Coming – An Invitation

Spring is coming. Officially, the season arrives on March 20. Here in our Colorado mountains, we can feel springtime in the air as the temperatures warm above freezing. Soon it will be time to sit on the porch… Read More