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Irish Toasts, Quotes, and Words of Wisdom

To me, March is Irish month so Wednesdays this month I will be sharing memes of Irish toasts and quotes on pictures that I have taken on my trips to Ireland. Enjoy! Picture: A house in Dingle where… Read More

Irish Blarney and the Writer

Rivers in major cities all over the world have run green this month. Bars filled with people wearing fake beards, green top hats, and sunglasses shaped as twin four-leaf clovers. After all, with or without any Irish heritage, everyone’s… Read More

An Irish Toast, in case you need one

For years a lovely plaque with the words of this fun Irish toast hung in the guest bathroom at our house. I cannot tell you how many people came out with smiles upon their faces. And, reading it… Read More

Irish slang

Wednesday is words of wisdom day on the blog. For March, I’ve been sharing Irish blessings, curses, and sayings. Today I’ve a chart of Irish slang for you. The Irish do have a way with words. a useless… Read More

Irish Quotes

It’s finally here – Claiming Annie’s Heart

I’m interrupting my regular Make Me Think Monday blog for an announcement of my latest book release – CLAIMING ANNIE’S HEART. No, I’m not turning View from the Front Porch into a promo blog for my books–it’s just this Irish… Read More

Wasting time or recharging?

Edie Melson posted this image from her recent trip to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. The scene and the quote made me think about how much time I sit on my porch enjoying the quiet and nature all around…. Read More