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Spring – Where is it?

If you’re like me, the weather is not looking or feeling like Spring. The snow is hanging on. It comes in flurries and sprinklings on the ground. The temperatures warm up as the sun rises, but too many days… Read More

Don’t look down!

Welcome with me our first guest blogger for Company’s Coming Thursday. Her thoughts on life resonate with me. I’m thinking they will with you too. Don’t look down! by Jody Payne Don’t look down. But it’s okay if… Read More

One word Wednesday – INSPIRATION

I’d never heard of Derrick Coleman, who plays for the Seattle Seahawks, until his team tromped our Denver Broncos. He and his team were amazing on the field. Then I read an article in the Savvy Signing newsletter… Read More

Monday Motivation: Empty pickle jars, golf ball days and chocolate

I found this three minute video titled The Empty Pickle Jar offered some wise motivation. Empty Pickle Jar from GiftsToGive on Vimeo. Here’s to a golf ball day of writing and lots of chocolate milk for you.

Labor Day from a writer’s perspective

Today is Labor Day. We pay tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers. To celebrate the writers in the workplace, I’m sharing a blog and a video about the writing process. Nathan Bransford’s blog, “The Publishing… Read More

How do you write?

It’s Monday again time to begin our writing week. I thought it would be fun to consider how other writers write (wrote). So what method will you be using to write this week? Where will you be writing?… Read More

Wit and Wisdom from Writers to Jump Start your week

This month’s guest speaker at my local RWA chapter was Adrienne deWolfe. Being in on vacation, I wasn’t able to hear her program, but I did check out her website and found a wealth of helpful resources. You… Read More