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Something to think about this Mother’s Day

This Sunday celebrate the women who have brought life to your world.

Dirt and Growth

Today I spotted the leaves of a sunflower popping up through the dirt. Where did the summer go that fall sunflowers are coming up? I have no answer for that, but seeing the green sprouts, I was reminded… Read More

How to use the Freedom Independence Granted

We celebrated our nation’s independence on Monday. An independence that allows us so many freedoms. This graphic from Holly Gerth makes a wonderful suggestion about how we should use those freedoms. Hope you agree.

Blank Pages

Love this graphic by Holley Gerth and so appreciate her willingness to share.  I’m already writing as fast as I can to fill the pages of 2015 with good words and great things.   Not dwelling on the past… Read More

Perseverance – One Word Wednesday

In case you don’t know what perseverance is, it’s the continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, discouragement, obstacles, or opposition. Perseverance is a tenacious trait unlike perfectionism, which we looked at last week. One is an obstacle… Read More

Remembering Our Fathers

Yesterday was Father’s Day. I hope you honored whoever is your father figure. For some of you that person might have been a birth father. For others, it’s a stepfather or a relative or friend that serves the… Read More