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Words and Fall Leaves

I like this quote from Ruth Ozeki, American-Canadian novelist, filmmaker and Zen Buddhist priest, and the wonderful graphic Edie Melson created from her words. This time of year I watch from my office window as leaves in the… Read More

Writers As Artist

Another poignant quote from Edie Melson to remind writers that we are indeed artists with our words. Thanks, Edie.

Celebrating Independence

I hope everyone is busy enjoying a celebration of our nation’s birthday. Technically, independence was declared on July 2 and the Declaration of Independence wasn’t signed until July 19. But who cares? Today is the day we traditionally… Read More

Summer’s Light and Freshness

Our flowers are coming to life here in the mountains and their appearance coupled with the longer days does indeed feel fresh.

Winter’s Rest – John Geddes

Winter will end before we know it. Spring is lurking on the horizon. Days are lengthening. I hope you’ve found rest this winter.

Fall’s Color Change

I spent two weeks in Ireland last month. The timing was troublesome because I truly love watching summer give way to fall here in the Rio Grande Forest. Actually, I dearly love everything about this time of year…the… Read More

Writing – a mask or an unveiling?

Edie Melson recently posted this graphic for media sharing by her followers. The photograph she chose aptly portrays E. B. White’s words. Writers do look through windows or hide behind portals. The graphic got me to thinking about… Read More