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A Writer’s Dilemma – Drama and Suffering

We all dislike negative, unhappy things aka drama. Who wants to suffer and be unhappy? I sure don’t. But – reality is drama, though unwelcomed most of the time, is what life is all about. Happy drama is… Read More

Recharging the Writer’s Brain Well

It’s been said, “When you stop learning, you stop growing.” Or, as Albert Einstein put it “Once you stop learning, you start dying.” Many professions recognize and require ongoing learning. As a teacher, I needed 40 hours of… Read More

3 Necessities to be a successful writer

What does it take to be a writer? Is all you need to be a writer pen and paper or a typewriter or an iPad or laptop/computer with a word processor? Maybe all it takes is the latest… Read More

What my high school reunion taught me about writing BACKSTORY

Sitting at a table at my high school reunion recently, this thought struck me: “This is how backstory should work.” Huh, you say. Let me explain. I’ve know most of the people at my high school reunion more… Read More

Adding DRAMA to your novel

As writers we need to have emotion and drama to our pages to engage our readers. Or as Donald Maass stresses in his Writing the Breakout Novel and BONI Intensive Seminars… Tension on every page. Check out this… Read More