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New Addition(s)

By Chicken Wrangler Sara Tucker had a girlfriend come visit this summer. Her name is Olivia and she is an English cream long-haired dachshund. It was a productive visit and 8 puppies were born on October 4. This… Read More

Maypole Dog Leashes – Miller Farm Friday

A guest blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara While Rachel has been at home this summer, we have established a routine of walking the dogs in the evenings.  The girls next door like to go with us and we… Read More

Easter Duds – Miller Farm Friday

Guest Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara Our younger daughter came home for Easter.  While she was here we went dress shopping – that seems to be the norm for home visits.  We were looking for a blue dress… Read More

Breakfast in Bed – Miller Farm Friday

We have regular routines on Miller Farm. I get up, swim, let the dogs out, and let the chickens out. Then I feed the dogs and the humans. In the afternoon, I repeat that last part – feed… Read More

Whew! Weekend Chaos on Miller Farm is OVER

A Guest Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara As expected, keeping up with six dogs, two cats and many chickens for the weekend was chaotic. I survived, but I’m so ready to return to plain old “Chicken Wrangler Sara.”… Read More

Expecting Weekend Chaos on Miller Farm

A blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara Jengo and Miller are staying with us through the weekend. Remember, they are our friend’s two daschunds and visit often. Jengo’s the puppy. We shared lots of fun times the last time he… Read More

Miller Farm Friday: Bella – 1, Chicken Wrangler Sara – 0

A guest blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara Monday was a little hectic on Miller Farm. I didn’t have time to get the chickens food and water before I had to be at school to play for Chapel so… Read More