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Déjà vu Wildfires and Round Rabbits

This time last year, we were settling back in to our home after a mandatory evacuation for The West Fork Complex fire. If you missed those blogs, you can find the full story here, here, and here On July… Read More

Life in a Wildfire Conclusion – I hope!

Last blog I ended with a cliffhanger- Rio Grande County Sheriff Brian Norton gave the all clear for residents of South Fork to return to their homes, but because the fire was ACTIVE, we’d remain under in pre-evacuation… Read More

Life in a Wildfire – Part 2

We arrived in Trinidad, Colorado, at three in the afternoon on the day of evacuation. We hoped we’d only be there for the weekend. Unfortunately, the local evening news was not encouraging. We even made the national news…. Read More

One Word Wednesday – THANKS

It’s closer to July 4th than Thanksgiving, but THANKS has no season. My thanks today goes to the 1,464 firefighters working the West Fork Complex Wildfire burning in my backyard. These men are phenomenal. They leave their homes… Read More

Life in A Wildfire

If you read my blog last Wednesday, you know I am now living in the West Fire Complex Wildfire in the Rio Grande National Forest. Yep, that’s right.  I’m living in a forest wildfire. West Fork Fire Complex Statistics:    Start… Read More


Why? Because seven days ago FIRE erupted in my world and things have not been the same since. Specifically the West Fork Complex East Zone FIRE. The white is not a cloud but SMOKE. How it all began:… Read More

Vanishing Time, Scary Fires, and Happy Endings

One day I’m writing a blog post and it’s May. Suddenly it’s July 1st. Where’d June go?  Life was too busy to even notice, but I can tell you there was a whole lot of moving going on. … Read More